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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 11, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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two big stories tonight, a dramatic and dangerous scene, a murder suspect leads officers on a high speed chase and then force neighborhood into lock down. but first, developing news on proposition 8, the judge who over turned the band is set to make a major ruling in the case tomorrow. and that ruling deals with the stay after he over turned the band, that stay is the only thing delaying the state from resuming same sex emergencies.
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the judge announced he is ready to rule. he will issue the decision tomorrow morning. the judge issued the stay to review legal arguments from both sides of the issue. we will see if tomorrow will be the day same sex couples wish rush to get married or not. we will bring you the ruling as soon as it comes down tomorrow. we will blog live on new details tonight on a dramatic police chase in the east bay. the ordeal is over but for law enforcement it seemed like it would never end. this is where it began and ended hours later. kron 4's jonathan has details on the pursuit that ended in the arrest of a murder suspect.
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>> reporter: authorities are still piecing together the details of an incident that started here with a burglary and homicide and ended right back in front of the same house after a dramatic chase that spanned three cities and took nearly an hour. driving a yellow ford escape, police say prubencio rubio refused to pull over. he was suspected into breaking into this home and killing a man. they say he led dozens of cops from an chase, then turned around and headed to bay point where it all began. he was hutting a gun to his head threatening to kill himself. >> i saw this bright yellow car screech by and turn the cornner.
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>> reporter: neighbors saw the chase and what became a hour long stand off. >> they talked to him through cell phone communications, they pleaded to him to give himself up and at 5:45 he game himself up, we took him into custody. >> reporter: he had shah been shot in the leg. authorities say he is the one and only suspect in the homicide that happened here. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. new details in a string of salts, tonight authorities released two sketches of the suspect. police say this is the man who might be responsible for three sexual assaults, including rape at that apartment complex. he is a black male, between 20-
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30 years old. 6'2". the suspect may have tried to strike yet again. >> i am very freaked out. >> reporter: someone tried to break into her apartment in walnut creak. >> see. looks like somebody tried to pull it out. i put bars here so even if you try to slide the window, you will not be able to open it. this was not like that. my husband knows -- and i know this was perfect before. i am trying to block everything. the door, the windows. my brother lives in the other bed room. we are planning to switch bed rooms because i sleep by
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myself. that's the bed room. my husband is coming back. to stay with us tonight. >> reporter: if this is not fixed -- >> if it's not fixed, i don't know. we will take some kind of measures. i don't know what we can do, but -- >> reporter: she reported her damaged bed room window screen to security and says that building management told her they would get it fixed. when i asked about the situation they told me no comment. kron 4 news. the fog lingered around the bay shores today and another round of fog tomorrow. 7:00 fog and drizzle. the fog will push back and over san francisco by noon. temperatures are going to warm back into the low 80s. we are going to see another
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warming trend into the weekend. just days before the new school year begins, washington, d.c. is sending out a life line. the money is designed to prevent teacher layoffs. >> reporter: at this point districts have no idea how they will spend the federal chunk of change. >> we don't know what we are in store for. >> reporter: superintendent says how to spend the federal dollars depends on how much schools get from the state of california once the budget is passed. if it's more than the governor
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proposed during the summer, $48.4 billion then the $1.2 billion in federal money can be used to improve things, for example, by rehiring teachers, reducing class size, adding additional school days. if funding turns out to be less than what was proposed, then school districts will have to use the federal lose pay for what they have already budgeted for. >> we can't predict what will be approved. we are happy to get the money but we are cautious because we don't know where we are at with our own state budget. >> the state budget won't be passed and the federal dollars won't arrive until after the school year begins. it starts on monday in san francisco. any changes that could be made with the dollars won't come
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a rough day on wall street, stocks finished with big losses. the dow dropped 265.42 to 10,378. the nasdaq fell 68.54 to 2,208. and it's a sign investigators expect all businesses to suffer as the economy weakens. worth might have played a role in monday's plane crash. investigators say they are thought ruling anything out. it was raining and windy when the am plane went down. four people survived. and a state of emergency in
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iowa, raging flood waters killed a teenage girled, sweeps three cars off the road. 55,000 people are without drinking water tonight. cool is tafoggy weather remains tonight. but we are going to see a warm up, i will let you know how warm in a few minutes.
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sunday is the dead line for people to choose whether they want overdapt protection. if you do nothing or opt out, you could find your card declined if you don't have enough money in your account. >> reporter: august 15th is the dead line. do they want to transaction
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rejected or do they want to bank to cover it for a fee. in the past many banks amently enrolled you. let's say you were going to get a -- without any notice to you the banked with cover the tranks action but for a fee. in some cases tat was happening multiple times. now it will be up to you to decide whether you want to opt in or opt out. you have to decide by august 15, if you do nothing then you are automatically excluded. if you swipe your card and don't have enough money in your account, it will be rejected. this does not apply for checks, those are still subject to the
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overdraft policies. a wells fargo has been orded to pay $203 million for resitutions for -- to boost overdraft fees. they processed the transactions in order of size, rather than in the order they were receiverred. they collected $1.8 billion in overdraft fees. the bank says it will appeal the decision. looking that satellite picture, look at the cloud cover that extended to the east bay. we are not used to seeing it this early in the afternoon. we will see dense fog and drizzle out there tonight. fog tomorrow morning. sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures still very much on the cool side. that will all change this
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weekend. a warm up in store for the later -- latter half of the weekend. wide spread fog early in the morning. the delta seeing patchy fog. fog will linger longer along the east bay shore into the 8:00 hour. fog to the city and coast line, 11:00 -- 59 in half moon bay, 67 in oakland. our inland fallies were in the 60s and 70s out there. back into the 70s and 80 tomorrow. a warm up there. it's going to get more noticeable into the weekend. warmer and drying air this weekend into next week. that will eliminate the marine layer and allow most locations to warm up. along the coast, temperatures
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around 60 degrees. inland, 90s by monday and tuesday. we will keep you posted. the new transit center, the temporary lotion is at howard and main. the project will be the northern terminus of the california high speed rail system and also service as the bus terminal. 48,000 jobs will be created during the construction. nancy pelosi, barbara boxer were among the speechers that ceremony today. 48,000 jobs will be created. it's scheduled to be completed by august of 2017. >> when completed it will boost
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the gross regional project by $80 billion and increase personal income in the area by one billion dollars. it will mark a significant step forward for the dream of high speed rail across california. >> included in the project, a neighborhood redevelopment plan, 2600 new homes, office space and retail space. the giants bottle the cubs, gary has the highlights ahead. gary has all the sports, next. this friday nbc will air the giants game so chronwill have
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nbc program -- kron 4 will have nbc programming. ♪
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we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. the giants are right in the middle of pent race time. mike fontenot is now a giant. he will play second, third and shortstop. pat line drive to left. the cubs not very good. but they got over in the giants last night, down 3-0. here is rowand, $13 million a year and now a bench player. the giants have a 4-3 lead. zito gave up 4 runs tonight, including this home run. he is out of there.
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4-4 to the 8th. tampa bay wanted to let him go so bad they gave him $11 million. the giants pick him up and he wins the game, giants 5, cubs 4. the giants 2-1/2 back of the padres. cubs and giants tomorrow. and padres on friday. a's in seattle, braden pitched a perfect game. he got the nice play there. lopez grounding into the double play. braden is going have good news. 2-1/2 months ago he makes the national stage with the perfect game. today, not bad. really good.
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a complete game win, 5-1 okayland. 7 wins and 8 losses. today in alabama, inside the courtroom, a fellow said, i am the guy who gave jamarcus russell the codeine. he said he used the codeine along with -- used it alone and that jamarcus had nothing to do with the drink. he was taken into custody. no word on whether this will be enough to exonerate russell. he got a $30 million parting gift from al davis.
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49ers opened their season sunday. al davis is breaking about jason campbell, compares him to jim plunkett. the quote, i like this team a great deal, compare this to jim plunkett, should be pointed out the 1980 team won the super bowl. i like to hear somebody brag about me after 8 games, not during the practice session. round one of the pga. jim gray with tiger woods involved, everything is about tiger. this reporter ran a quote that cory paven said gray misquoted
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him after hearing that gray say paven is going to pick tiger woods to be on the sod. jim gray got his name in the headlines. >> good night. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees.
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